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Basil Essential Oil 4 Oz, Premium Quality, 100% Pure Sweet Basil Oil - by Fab Naturals

Brand : Fab Naturals

At Fab Naturals, we believe that beauty shouldn't be expensive, painful, or harmful to your health. Fab Naturals Core Principles: ✪ All Natural Ingredients ✪ Transparency ✪ Innovation ✪ Sustainability Fab Naturals sweet basil essential oil has no toxins, no additives, and is undiluted. The health benefits that this oil provides are ...

BioFinest Sweet Basil Oil - 100% Pure Sweet Basil Essential Oil - Premium Organic - Therapeutic Grade - Aromatherapy - Best For Flu - Help to Ease Fatigue - Remove Odors - FREE E-Book (10ml)

Brand : BioFinest

Biofinest 100% Pure Sweet Basil Oil - Experience The Therapeutic Aroma of Sweet Basil Oil Today! -Sweet, warm, spicy and herbal smell -Antibacterial and Antifungal. -Best for cold, flu, bad odors -Help to restore mental alertness and ease fatigue. Biofinest's Sweet Basil Oil Top Benefits: - Help to fight bacteria, infections, viruses - Reli...

Aroma Foundry Basil Essential Oil - 100% Pure and All Natural, 5 fl. oz.

Brand : Aroma Foundry

Basil plays an important part in the cuisine and culture of southeast Asia, perhaps nowhere more than Vietnam, where our basil oil is sourced. Our Vietnamese basil oil has a characteristic warm, camphor-like aromatic scent. It's said to have a relaxing effect useful for relieving anxiety, give it a try and feel stress melt away with every breath. ...

Basil Essential Oil 10 ml. 100% Pure Undiluted Therapeutic Grade.

Brand : Plant Guru

Botanical Name: Ocimum Basilicum Plant Part: Leaves Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Origin: India Color: Pale yellow to amber color liquid. Common Uses: Basil Essential Oil can be used to clear the sinuses, promote digestion and stimulate circulation, especially in the respiratory system. It is prized in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to str...

Mystic Moments Basil Essential Oil 100% Pure 10ml

Brand : Mystic Moments

Basil Essential Oil 10ml - 100% Pure Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum Plant Part: Leaves & flowers Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Description: An annual Herb, Basil grows 20-50 cm (8-20 in), and when in bloom the purple- white flowers appear in clusters, framed by oval pointed green leaves Plant: An annual Herb, Basil grows 20-50 cm (8-2...

Nature's Answer 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil, 0.5-Ounce, Sweet Basil

Brand : Nature's Answer

Organic natures answer organic essential oils are naturally concentrated aromatic essences distilled from exotic plants grown in pristine areas around the world. As a pioneer in botanical extract technology since 1972, natures answer proudly supplies certified organic essential oils.

Infused Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive Oil 500 Ml (17 Oz) (Basil Flavored)

Brand : Mt. Kofinas Olive Oil

We do things the hard way: no shortcuts, no artificial flavors, no essences, no extracts. Mt. Kofinas Basil Olive Oil is infused with real basil and made with our ultra premium extra virgin first cold pressed low acidity olive oil. The olives are hand picked at the perfect time and rushed to the press to ensure a low acidity and a superior flavor. ...

Miracle Botanicals Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil - 100% Pure Ocimum Sanctum - Therapeutic Grade - 10ml

Brand : Miracle Botanicals

Tulsi means Òthe incomparable oneÓ and has been used for centuries to purify and revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. The most powerful Tulsi Holy Basil essential oil is grown in India, where the oil has been revered for thousands of years. Tulsi holy basil essential oil may be diluted and used as a multi-purpose healing oil. The oil can al...

Holy Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum sanctum) -USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade - Pure & Therapeutic Grade - SIZE: 10ML

Brand : Amrita

Traditionally all varieties of basil are helpful for producing mental clarity, focus and alertness. The potent therapeutic plant is said to be antiseptic, pain-relieving, fever-reducing and spasm-suppressing, all of which make Basil Essential Oil helpful for cold and respiratory problems. Basil can also be used to calm frazzled nerves and uplift th...

Basil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil 10ML

Brand : mEssentials

Basil Essential Oil 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basil Essential Oil was used traditionally to ease muscle discomfort after exercise. It's herbaceous scent restores mental alertness, and may also sharpen your sense of smell. Aromatherapy benefits: clarifying, uplifting, energizing, refreshing Uses: Aromatherapy, Custom Massage and Body Oils, Vapo...

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